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Thursday, May 2, 2013

What is Sip?

Our sign went up yesterday! I must confess, we are having a bit of an identity crisis. Of course, we know who we are, but how do we communicate what we are to other people?
We will continue to serve the same high quality coffee and espresso drinks, you are used to at Cafe Roche. In addition, we are hoping to bake breads and pastries on site and serve more substantial breakfast items like egg sandwiches, waffles, and tiramisu french toast. For lunch, we will serve toasted Boar's Head sandwiches, wraps, soups, and fresh seasonal salads. We will have a Siesta from 3-5 pm, then re-open for dinner. We will serve cheese samplers, flat breads, and simple small plates. Justin plans to feature his famous espresso rub ribeye.  Now that we will have evening hours, we will expand on our dessert selection. We will still offer Homeland Creamery ice cream and milkshakes, as well as cakes and my award winning tiramisu.

We will serve Old World and New World wines, as well as feature a local vineyard each month. We hope to balance our beer selection between bottled and draft beers. We will offer beer and wine flights, as well. We will have a high emphasis on fine wines and micro-brews, but will not exlude the people are happy to stick with a bud lite.

We will still continue to offer free WiFi and encourage people to meet in a fun, eclectic, unpretentious setting. Our take one/leave one library will still continue, as well as the comfortable couches around the fire place. This time, the fireplace is real ;)

Our dilemma, is what do we call ourselves? We need an action word, to communicate what we are to the general public.  Our sign shows that we will be serving coffee and wine, but we will also be serving food, beer, desserts...What are we? A coffee shop,  cafe, wine bar, Bistro, Brasserie? Help! We need your ideas. Please comment below. 


  1. I think you will do great in Holly Springs. It is much needed and in a great will def. have regulars. Stu

  2. What about a "Sip Wine & Coffee" Noshery and Bar?
    If that doesn't work, I would go with Bistro. It's a drinkery with food.